About Us

Klii Motorwerkes is a brand new composites- and design- centric start-up, focused on creating precise, innovative products for the European automotive scene. We believe our unique blend of professional design, fabrication capability, and enthusiasm can lead to some awesome modifications and accessories previously unavailable for your VAG automobile. We apply distinct attention to detail to anything with the Klii Motorwerkes name on it, from vinyls to carbon fiber trim and even the packaging, so that any Klii product you come into contact with will evoke the strong design and craftsmanship put into it.

*Our large focus on performance composites, which encompasses materials such as carbon fiber and carbon-Kevlar hybrids, means that these exotic race-bred materials will be coming soon to our product line. This part of the business is currently evolving behind closed doors, and we hope to unveil what we have been so feverishly working on very soon.