VW Rear Badge Inlay - Carbon Steel Gray (Grey) Metallic


Fill the Volkswagen rear badge with paint-matching Carbon Steel Gray (Grey) Metallic and add a subtle yet epic design element. OEM+ and aesthetically clean.

Inlays are five-piece sets that are installed by simply peeling and placing individual sections in the badge recesses. Inlays do not require badge removal. Full Circles are solid, single-piece vinyls which extend underneath of the solid areas of the badge. Full Circles require creating small split lines where tabs engage and also require badge removal. Klii Motorwerkes decal included.

Materials: Premium Vinyl, 3M Gloss Overlaminate, Roland ECO-SOL MAX Inkset

Features: Superior UV-resistance, vibrant coloration, paint-like gloss finish, air-egress channels prevent air bubbles during installation, tight tolerances for maximum fill

Origin: Crafted in the USA using the finest materials from around the world

Rear badge not included.


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