Interior Rear View Mirror Wrap - Mk6 Plaid (TDI Blue)


This Mk6 plaid TDI blue version pattern was precisely designed after the plaid seats found in the Mk6 GTI. We've just switched up the red stripe for a blue one which matches the TDI color value and also works beautifully with Rising Blue Metallic. As for precisely designed, we mean that calipers were taken to the seats for measurements, threads were counted for accuracy, and color values were pulled from TDI badging. The result is an awesome pattern more prevalent in a location that could really use some spice. In this application, the pattern has been scaled for optimum legibility and aesthetic density.


The wrap is constructed using top-shelf 3M vinyl, on which we print the pattern with UV-resistant inks featuring specially formulated blacks and finely-tuned crisp resolution. We then take things to another level by using a secondary layer of gloss 3M automotive laminate, meaning that not only is the pattern fully protected from abrasives and color degradation, but it has a paint-like surface finish with unprecedented depth. Enough material is provided to wrap your mirror with trimmable excess. A detailed installation guide and the latest iteration of our Klii Motorwerkes decal is included with every order.
Please note that models with auto-dimming rear view mirrors will require additional installation steps, but this product will still work for those applications.

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