Front Badge Inlay - Racing Livery No.4


Graphics really don't get any cooler than vintage racing liveries- that's pretty much a fact. What rivals in coolness however is that you can now bring those same iconic schemes to your VW with our new Racing Livery Collection. The result is an awesome pattern more prevalent in a location that could really use some spice.

The front badge insert set comes as a 5-piece collection to fill in each void of the front VW badge. The tolerances are super tight meaning a full color fill. We construct our inlays using absolute top-shelf vinyl, on which we print the coloration with UV-resistant inks featuring specially formulated blacks and finely-tuned crisp resolution. We then take things to another level by using a secondary layer of gloss 3M automotive laminate, meaning that not only is the pattern fully protected from abrasives and color degradation, but it has a glossy simulated clear-coat surface finish with unprecedented depth. The latest iteration of our Klii Motorwerkes decal is included with every order.

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